Its just a phase


IT'S SCORPIO SEASON. Scorpion's traditionally have represented, healing, catharsis, rebirth and transmutation. For the next thirty days, this will be the type of energy we'll be welcoming, plus a focus on power, strategic moves and all things eighth house - think, sex, death and other people's money.

Since October 7th the Sun has been transiting 'via combusta' or the Fiery Way. The veil is thin at this time and it's no coincidence that Halloween sits right in the middle of this period, which wraps up on November 7.

The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all transiting via combusta too which is great for problem solving and creative thinking, although it can bring about an intensity. It's an active Mars, so channel confidence and ambition. A welcomed presence after the Libra Eclipse, helping everyone to transform expectations of others and focus on our own stuff.

❍︎ Full moon in Taurus - 28 Oct

Our last moon was new and in Libra, in close proximity to the south node, signalling our new Aries - Libra eclipse cycle. Next week's full moon closes out the previous eclipse cycle which oscillates between Taurus - Scorpio. This marks two opportunities for release in a row, linking to different themes or areas - if we're to follow conventional astrological thinking. Taurus likes to bring into the material everything that Scorpio is resolving, and with Jupiter opposing Mars there's a lot of potential for expansion and big moves here.

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๏ New moon in Scorpio - 13 Nov

Shadow work is one of the highest expressions of this sign. Use the dark moon (three days before the new moon) to release anything in your way; Scorpio loves this move. One of the best ways to energetically make room is to literally clean; shift energy by making room for what you'd like to bring in. It can be easy as moving 27 things.

Like all transits, how these eclipses aspect your chart will determine their effect. The best way to know it to keep track and note down how you feel. For accurate moon time, download It's Just a Phase.

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Eileen Agar (1899-1991), To a Nightingale, 1979


‘I'm out with lanterns looking for myself.’ - Emily Dickinson.

In times past, grief, death, and loss were seen as rites. To feel vulnerability, fear, pain and other deep emotions is the work of Scorpio. Scorpio teaches us to process these feelings so can be transmuted into something more.

I've been reading about surrealist artist Eileen Agar, and her story resonates a lot with Scorpio themes. She relates a story about a time when she stepped back to consider a painting she was working on and crashed into a standing mirror, sending shards of shattered glass everywhere -

‘Bad luck was my first thought,’ she recalled, ‘but then I realised that it was only the old image of myself I had smashed, and that I could exorcise the bad luck by creating a new image of a more liberated and imaginative being. I was suddenly transposed… into the real illusory world of art.’

How much of what we're trying to change comes down to a flip in perception? What perceptions about yourself are no longer working for you?

•´¯`•. 𝐻𝑜𝓌 𝒶𝓇𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒻𝑒𝑒𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑔?.•´¯`•