Its just a phase


Happy Leo season! By the end of the month there will be seven planets in retrograde reminding us that the future is always changing and that we can revise our relationship to the past.

(¯`*•.¸,¤°´New things`°¤,¸.•*´¯)

Journalling with the moon's phases is a great way to understand the impact of celestial patterns and we've been asked by some of you to reintroduce the more explicit journalling prompts in the app. They will be back shortly, along with our meta-astrology Future Field Reports - a zine providing more astrological monthly intel and prompts for praxis through the lens of outsider culture, philosophy and esoterica. If you'd like to weigh in on what other content would be helpful to you, send us a note here.

❍︎ Full moon in Aquarius - 1st of August

Hands up who is loving the moon reversal? It's a rare phenom when the full moon comes before the new moon in it's opposite sign. Usually the full moon is culmination or fulfillment of the associated new moon - when they’re reversed think of it as the terrain being illuminated before planting seeds. Both Leo and Aquarius value individuality; where Leo wants to shine it's light (maybe only to have it reflected) Aquarius values independence yet is happy taking a backseat, preferring to advocate for community.

The full moon along with Venus retrograding in Leo evokes sudden and surreal scenarios linking us back to romances, relationships or creative endeavours past - if only to remind us how far we've come. How do you distinguish yourself from the collective? What are you being shown?

๏ New moon in Leo - 16th of August

During the new moon all things Leo come into focus - creativity, romance, relationships with children and self-confidence - this is amped as nearby Venus is retrograding in the same sign. The retrograde slows down things that fall under these themes creating an opportunity for review. The new moon may give a little more Leonine energy to creative projects or attempts to redefine how we are in close relationships - not just romantic ones either. Uranus adds impulsivity to the equation - destabilising things but potentially lending its energy to break out of a rut.

For accurate moon times, check our app It's Just a Phase available on iTunes and Android.

✿.。.:* Is it is a coincidence that we're in Barbie fever during Leo season? The femme themes the film deals with go hand in hand with Venus in retrograde. Venus represents the feminine; when she retrogrades this energy is pulled back from the collective experience - a perfect time to question the femme role in society. Venus also rules aesthetics and beauty. Considering Barbie's excellent marketing campaign, we might be seeing a resurgence of kitten heels or spring-o-laters on track for a comeback too. How do we feel now - post gorpcore - about slipping back into a pair shoes that are known to cause nerve damage and endless back problems? (Leo rules the back and spine too). What is your relationship to the feminine? What are high vibe femme traits you'd like to tap into? This goes for guys and girls - obviously. We all have masculine and feminine traits - how we embody them can be a conscious choice too.

*•.¸,¤°´The strength card in the tarot features a woman with a lion. The lion, representative of the Sun - the masculine - shows the woman taming him. She uses her inner strength; not force or coercion. In the Marseilles deck as studied by film director and occultist Alejandro Jodorowsky, he notes that 'the toenail on her big toe, as well as the nail on her thumb, were painted red. Remember that the nails on the human body represent eternity because they continue to grow after being cut off. The intense vitality of Strength is shown in red on her nails.' Where is strength required for you right now? Have you noticed different responses to brute force over inner discipline and fortitude? When is one required over the other?

How are you feeling? Pay attention to the celestial energies on the days of the new and full moon and use It's Just a Phase keep track of how they affect you. Retrogrades signal a pause, squares can help with clearing out - both are not necessarily firm ground for new beginnings - does this reflect your timing?