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Dear you,

Finally, Pisces season is upon us. Thanks for your patience while the Pisces season intel and Future Field Reports has come together.

On a personal note, Pisces season is my season and my dad’s season. We’re born a day apart and this missive is late as he’s sick and in hospital. It’s been a fraught time, your good energy beams are appreciated.

Ironically, Pisces does rule hospitals and medicine. Hoping that Saturn transiting the Pisces sun will give form to healing - on the macro and micro levels.

I'm stoked the share this month's Future Field Reports with you, beyond celestial intel, I've included sections on Pisces Cookie Mueller (Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius - just like the transit that will happen on Feb 22), Bill Cunningham (Pisces Sun, Pisces Saturn - same as the transit in late Feb) and Mirtha Dermisache, Piscean artist and asemic writer. Check out our subscriptions to receive our monthly zine. These function as a companion to Future Field Reports, and feature prompts and different approaches to note-taking so you can create a keepsake.

𖦹 𖦹 𖦹

❍︎ Full moon in Virgo, Feb 24

The Full Moon is well placed for conversations and messages that will shed light because of Mercury's placement opposite the moon. We can also expect positive outcomes because of a harmonious connection to Jupiter. This is a good time to practice having positive assumptions - one key trait of people who are 'lucky'. A focus on health, routine and self development may arise for you here as these are some of Virgo's favourite things.

๏ New moon in Pisces, Mar 10

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac; perceptive, intuitive - psychic? Intentions set during this new moon can be universal or refining in nature. There's little light in the sky at this time, making it ripe for dreaming - Pisces favourite pass time. What would you wrap up in time for Aries season beginning March 20? And what are your wildest dreams for the new zodiacal year that begins then?

There's som positive planetary aspects happening this Pisces season, they can give structure to our best intentions. This is a great time to mark reoccurring resolutions/bucketlist items as complete.

Enjoy the dream-season, x

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1. Pisces season mix - Get Liminal

~music for, spiraling (up) ~ remembering dance floors ~ dreaming hard ~ calling the wrong number but knowing the other person on the other end of the line ~ saying goodbye~

Listen here.

2. Future Field Report - Pisces Szn

Learn about the transits for the month and work with prompts for praxis and journalling, The Future Field Reports are designed as a companion to the app, and something for you to create your own momento for the month, keep track of patterns, intentions and dreams. You can sign up for a sub or buy once off here.

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4. Notes on praxis

Understanding Pisces season through the lens of Dreamlander and the outsider's outsider Cookie Mueller. She has Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius, the very same energy we'll be experiencing this month. Read more about Cookie here.

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