Hey I’m Kat and I created the app It’s Just a Phase®. Sometimes I say ‘we’ because of a far-reaching community of mystical and esoteric teachers who’ve generously shared tools and knowledge with me along the way. Now I’m sharing.

I started out making candles for the purpose of ritual and intention. Awareness of the moon’s phases is a potent way to add meaning to your ritual, so creating an app that kept track of the moon, thoughts and feelings was a no-brainer.

What’s so good about the moon?

There are many astrology apps on the market, and It’s Just a Phase® is not one of them.

Nothing can predict or tell you how you’ll feel or how to act. A natal chart can be interpreted in many ways and beyond that, you’re an individual with lived experiences that have shaped and changed you from the day you were born. The most reliable way to interpret the governing energy of the moment is to reflect and understand it in the context of YOU.

Astrology is a tool to help us see things outside of our own experience. Similar to tarot it serves as a way to view the world objectively and an opportunity to tune into our inner knowing.

We all have a unique natal chart, which documents where some of the planets were when we were born. It is pretty much impossible to include every celestial placement that was happening when any one individual was born; there are planets, fixed stars and more than 17,000 asteroids in our heavens… That’s a lot of things happening in the sky to infer energy that affects us all differently!

Looking at the moon offers a simple way to step out of our current experience, plan and reflect. She is easily visible to the naked eye and she moves quickly, changing zodiac every two to three days. She’s also a reminder that change is inevitable and everything is temporary.

The only reality is what you know.

Reality is in flux, because our perception of things is constantly changing. We are served 1000s of images, thoughts and opinions each day, in our social feeds and by the media. It can be hard to figure out where we stand and what we know to be true.

We can always look to the moon for continuity and a reminder of life’s seasons. This can give us pause to look within. Use the moon’s cycles to grow your awareness of your automatic responses and patterns, like, what makes you tired, happy or anxious? Insight into this can help you to note a rhythm and readjust your approach. You can keep note of the moon’s phases and your reflections with our app. Over time and with consistency you’ll become more in tune with your inner knowing (or intuition).

Awareness is the tipping point. The more you learn about yourself, the more potent a foundation you can create from.

The It’s Just a Phase® app lets you note how you’re feeling in relation to the moon’s phases and helps to grow your self-awareness. Once you know what you want, you’re a step closer to creating your wildest reality.

Thanks for reading.

I’m so keen to learn how I can further improve the app for you so you may enjoy the process of learning about the moon and self inquiry even more. It’s supposed to be fun! If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email me here. For more ritual ideas, shop and app updates sign up to our emails and follow me here @girl_grease x