It's Just a Phase® won't predict the future but it will open the door to consciousness through self-inquiry and regular praxis.

You choose the frequency, the ritual, the intent. We're here to remind you that nature's cycles are perennial and not exponential.

Use our app to learn about the moon and to strengthen your intuition. All you need is within.

The app is free and available in for both Apple (here) and Android (here). Like to learn more? Read our FAQs here.


To support the development and maintenance of It's Just a Phase® we make essential oil scented soy wax candles. Each comes with a one-sheet explaining correspondences to colour, timing and inspiration.

Our candles are made with the moon's phases in mind, burn them with intention or to focus your energy. We like to refer to ritual work as personal praxis; implying action and differentiating from habit or practice. You may purchase our candles here.

Work with the moon to add further meaning to ritual and intention setting. The moon's energy waxes and wanes each month in accordance with its phases.

To release or let go, light your candle during the full moon and dark moon period, when the lunar energy is diminishing.

Conversely, for attracting intentions, light your candle on the new moon or during the waxing moon phase.

'Ritual allows us to connect with the self, the community, and the natural forces around us'. – Sobonfu Somé

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