Its just a phase


Happy Libra season. We're at the halfway point through the zodiacal year, an opportunity to reset to neutral. No coincidence that Libra, represented by the scales, also kicks off with the Equinox, when day and night are almost equal in length. This year the moon’s nodes are also in Libra and Aries and so we'll be entering eclipse season in October.

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It's Just a Phase is a mindfulness-meets-astrology app. We have just upgraded our servers so if this is your first time receiving an email from us we hope you'll stay along for the ride. We send monthly missives in conjunction with each new zodiacal season, exploring new ways of thinking and relating to astrology as an abstraction to help with self-inquiry and journalling. The goal being to connect the unconscious to the conscious.

❍︎ Full moon in Aries - September 29

Aries independent nature is emphasised with this full moon; forget about doing things for approval, think about how you individuate, how do you want to be received? Illuminating the energy between 'me' and 'you', this moon helps us to see where we’ve compromised to our own detriment. Where is your firm stand?

Full moons stir us emotionally, and the cycle naturally lends itself to relief or release. They shed light on progress made since the last new moon in the same sign six months prior. Think back to the Aries solar moon eclipse on April 20 earlier this year. What were you passionate about bringing to life then?

๏ New moon solar eclipse in Libra - October 14

Since April 20, individuation has been a focus. October’s eclipse reintroduces the ‘other’ into the equation. Optimal for negotiation and reestablishing connections; eclipses suggest a time during which the collective unconscious vetoes or rescinds the influence of individual rationality.

Ambivalence is your friend here, Libra is used to operating with all outcomes in mind and an eclipse can yield unpredictable results. Detachment from the goal will help us to find our way through the eclipse period - try aligning with your true nature over bold moves in unfamiliar territories.

¯´•.¸¸¤ Feelings>Identity?

The moon’s nodes are in Aries and Libra until March 2025. This axis illuminates the polarity between ‘self’ and ‘the other’. The north node, or the dragon’s head is in Aries - this is enterprising energy, favouring self- empowerment, courage and assertion. This is what we're collectively moving toward. The end goal being to individuate and figure out who we are in the world.

Libra in the south node indicates that we're moving away from compromise that detracts from the goal of building a true sense of self.

The idea of self is challenged through our day to day meanderings online; algorithms build an idea of who we are and sell us on future ideals and ideas, we can try to control how we’re perceived through social media or completely subvert our idea of self through anonymity or shitposting.

While it’s been popular to find a hill to die on through our individuation, we’ve come full circle since the times of subcultures and the mainstream has become niche, making it harder to find something to rebel against. Can we locate ourselves in the world without the contrast of what we are not?

⌘ PROMPT - While day and night seem like total opposites, there is a point where the two meet in the middle. Where are your edges? Where is your middle ground?