Its just a phase


What is our mission?

It's Just a Phase was created by a small team passionate about using technology as a tool for expanding awareness and deepening the connection to intuition and each other. It is our mission to promote personal growth and alternative thinking using esoteric tools and methodologies that inspire our audience to act from a place of authenticity and purpose.

How do I contact the developer?

If you have suggestions, questions or if you'd just like to say hi you may contact us here:

How can I support this project?

It's Just a Phase is free to use across Android and iOS, we are self-funded and rely on audience support. Donations help us to keep running, maintain the app and develop future events, activations and collabs. If you enjoy what we do, please consider donating here.

Can It's Just a Phase predict the future?

No app or astrology reading can predict the future or tell you how you'll feel or how to act. In terms of astrology, every natal chart is unique. Beyond that you're an individual with lived experiences that have shaped and changed you from the day you were born. The most reliable way to interpret the governing energy of the moment is to reflect and understand what it means personally for you. We created It's Just a Phase to help you to do this.

How does It's Just a Phase work?

There is so much astrological content available, It's Just a Phase functions to simplify things and create a portal to strengthen our connection to our intuition through using the moon as an abstraction.

Use the journal feature to capture how you're feeling in relation to each moon phase. Can you identify patterns or cycles? Tune in to discover what you really want and the best path to take.

How do I plan with the moon?

You can use It's Just a Phase to set intentions, note patterns and keep track of ritual and praxis. Conventional thinking is that one whole moon phase and its distinct energies allow you to set a goal and realise it by the end of the 28 day period. For bigger goals, work with the six-month period between a new moon in one zodiac sign and the full moon in the same sign, or the 18 month cycle of an eclipse.

Why journaling?

Astrology, similar to tarot it serves as a way to view the world objectively and provides an opportunity to tune into our inner knowing; we all have everything we need inside of us. Use the journal feature to observe patterns, feelings, reflect and plan. We're most closely connected to our subconscious mind in the morning, we recommend journaling then.

I want to build an app!

Interested in the app world or do you have an idea for an app? Send an email through to: