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The myth of Capricorn goes back to the Greek god Pan who transformed into a half-goat, half-fish when he dived into the Nile to escape a giant. This myth underlines Capricorn's true nature; the goat's strength is not only in strategic thinking, but also a strong connection to intuition, emphasised by Pan's ability to plunge the watery depths.

We start off Capricorn season with Mercury in Retrograde helping us to review the year that's passed. Lean into Capricorn's strategic inclinations and embrace your intuition. This season asks us to let go of could-haves and should-haves - time to revise and realign.

In the spirit of things, we are putting the finishing touches on a new design. We've just had a full moon in Cancer, shining a light on anything that wasn't *perfect*. Finishing touches are happening as I type and the app will be updated for you all by the start of the new year.

This new design references our first aesthetic which so many of you loved. We've also refined our tech and made some exciting plans for next year. Be sure to refresh or re-install It's Just a Phase in the next few days to see the new design, and reply to this email if you have feedback :)))

~ Music for moving on, walking with no purpose, furiously ruminating, waking up and going to the same cafe that you used to go to with friends you no longer have, imagining + dreaming ~

Listen to the Capricorn season playlist here.

❍︎ Full moon in Cancer - 27 Dec

Big feels. Time for curtains on 2023, but also whatever resolutions you made on July's Cancer new moon six months ago is likely to yield some insight, if not results. Cancer is sentimental, heartfelt and nurturing. The new moon in July occurred as Venus began to retrograde in Leo; relationships or at least the way you relate is likely to have been up for review. If you've been shying away from feeling feelings, this full moon might have been harder to swallow than most as truths were out in the open.

This full moon also exactly aligned with December 2019's eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto intensity which lasted from then until early January 2020. Whatever was poignant then should be resolving now or next month.

☽ ❍︎ ☾

๏ New moon in Capricorn - 11 Jan

New moon's mark new beginnings. This one on January 11 has the advantage of a full moon in the opposite sign occurring before it; use those insights to set plans for the new year. Capricorn energy is tenacious, disciplined and ambitious. We can use this to create order and solid plans for the rest of 2024. This lunation is in a positive alignment with Uranus meaning that we will be seeking progress and impending change will feel positive.


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Solipsism is when we're trapped in a perpetual self-reference. Recently I read a piece by Ivo J. Mensch who reframes the idea in that we're living in a solipsistic society - in that as a society we can't imagine being different or changing - however post 2020, this is now really upon us. We are going to need some imagination.

Mensch talks about the 'Social Imaginary' - this is what ties society together in silent agreement in regards to what is 'real' - or acceptable. The term was coined by Satre, who believed that because we can imagine, we are ontologically free. He argued that all of our engagements with the world have the potential to activate the imaginary process, and because the imaginary process relies on intentionality, we are able to create the world based on our intentions toward it.

This is one way to say, dream big and beyond what is presented. The journey doesn’t stop at discovery or controlling things according to an established outcome. Instead the present moment, ripe with opportunity is here and they may not look like what we know.


A huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who has downloaded, donated, sent through cute messages of thanks or left a nice review. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, this is the fuel that keeps It’s Just a Phase running and ad-free. Wishing you all a great 2024 ♡