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If you're reading this, congrats you made it. Pluto has just finished his cycle through Capricorn since 2008 and right now the Sun and Pluto sit at 0 degrees Aquarius.

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❍︎ Full moon in Leo, Jan 25

The full moon in Leo promises a bit of drama with Pluto in opposition. Linking back to last year's new moon in Leo in August, we hopefully see how far we have come in our approach to relationships, the way we love and the way we want to be loved. There was probably changes to make, and if you haven't tied off the loose ends, Pluto and the full moon might help to close the door on things one last time.

๏ New moon in Aquarius, Feb 10

So many planets in Aquarius for this moon which encourages a cool, calm and collected paradigm. Uranus is there challenging us to innovate the way we move ahead, think differently, be brave and tbh you probably won't worry if you stand out. Humanitarian efforts will be the focus, as the energy of Aquarius is very concerned with the community as a whole. It would be remiss to not mention events in the Middle East at the moment, and our heart goes out to all suffering. It is very much in line with this Aquarian energy to consider helping out where possible, having brave conversations and donating if you're able.

Our suggestion for the new moon is to take a note from the water bearer on The Star card in the tarot (above). She is pouring two jugs of water to symbolise renewal, along these lines perhaps you can set an intent for yourself and one for humanity too.

It's Just a Phase, x

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2. Notes on praxis

This month we take a close look at Éliane Radigue; electronic composer, Aquarian and spiritual renegade. I love the way she talks about how sounds speak to her with information, and her music acts as a mirror to help bring people into their awareness so that they can hear the information they need too. More in our Future Field Report.

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