Its just a phase
What season are you in?

It’s Just a Phase exists to provide a private space for reflection and planning. We see the moon's phases and the zodiac as universal and relatable abstractions that can prompt journalling and personal praxis.

Use our app to regularly check in in with your intuition and tune out the noise. Learn more about yourself and your desires beyond what is dictated by society. All you need is within.

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Why the moon? The moon is the fastest moving celestial body because of it’s close proximity to earth. With it's transitioning form visible to the naked eye, the moon reminds us that like the seasons, change is inevitable and everything is temporary.

Society operates on Chronos time (linear, quantitative), the moon emphasises Kairos time, representative of nature's cycles. Kairos means season in Ancient Greek; that is, time that can't be quantified or measured.

Learning astrology takes years and it’s a real case of the more you learn the less you know - a great way to feel the Dunning-Kruger effect in full force. There are many apps and content that attempts to solve the mystery of the skies with predictions, recommendations and advice. We believe that tuning into nature's cycles is the easiest way to ground in the present and act from the most trustworthy knowledge - your intuition.

We see astrology as a tool to connect the conscious to the subconscious, helping to fine tune intuition. The archetypes explored in astrology provide a backdrop to guide reflection through journalling and praxis through day-to-day actions including ritual and intention setting.

We have intentionally kept It's Just a Phase an ad-free, quiet space for tuning in and understanding how the phases of the moon play out for you

We rely on the generosity of our community to keep this project running. We sometimes sell merch, run events and create other fun projects. Since our business model is entirely dependent on self-funding and donations, if you love what we do, consider supporting us by donating here.

We are a small team passionate about using technology as a tool for expanding awareness and deepening the connection to intuition and each other. Get in touch if you have any feedback, requests or questions, we love emails :)

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